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A Big Girl

The silence among the kids around the frozen pond was broken when Robbie shouted ‘SSSSTOMP!’, the others picked it up in a deafening mantra. ‘SSSSSTOMP! SSSSTOMP! SSSTOMP! SSTOMP! STOMP!’ Brenda stood on the ice, looking inexplicably elated. She seemed to relish being the center of attention, despite the fact that it was because she was about to do something oafish. Brenda was a big girl. A loud thump sounded as her big foot landed on the ice. The entire class jeered. More stomps followed, until a small crack was heard and the class fell silent, only to explode in encouragement. Robbie became impatient so changed the chorus: ‘TWOOO FEET. TWOO FEET. TWO FEET.’ Brenda jumped like a kangaroo until the inevitable happened and she sacked through the ice up to her waist. Mean laughter rolled around the pond and the class left in a hurry. No one helped her out.

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