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Piece of Cake

This is what I know: 1) Life is like sharing a cake in the kitchen. The bigger your piece the smaller someone else’s. 2) As long as there is enough cake for everyone to eat themselves a stomach ache, rule number one is irrelevant. 3) As long as there are enough eggs, sugar, butter and flower in the cupboards to produce said pies, there is no need to worry. 4) More people enter the kitchen, looking for cake. 5) Although all people still eat themselves a stomach ache, they are worried. 6) More cakes are baked. 7) The resources in the cupboard start depleting faster than they are restocked. 8) Someone suggests that all of the earth’s resources should be used to produce the necessary ingredients and transport them to the kitchen’s cupboards. 9) Still more people enter the kitchen. 10) Someone hits a newcomer over a piece of cake.

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