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Walking Fish

“Walking Fish! Stop it, Abe, you’re killing me!” Ari said. “No I’m not, try counting to a billion out loud, that will kill you.” “Huh?” “Seriously, I guarantee that you’ll give up or die trying.” “Cut the shit, I know how to count to a billion.” “Theoretically you might, but I assure you, that you don’t really know how to pull it off.” “Bet ya a hundred dollars.” “No.” “Why not?” “Cause I won’t be seeing that money, ever. If you’d be willing to leave me everything in your will right here right now, I’ll take the bet.” “Here, signed. Done. Let’s get to it. One… Two… Three… Four…-“ “Please know, my dear Ari, that even with an average of four seconds per spoken number – which is superfast – it’ll take you four billion seconds to complete this task, equaling one hundred and twenty seven years, give or take a month.”

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