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Adriana had added the rat poison quite generously. She had estimated that ten times the fatal dose for Daisy, her old neighbor’s beloved noisy pug would suffice. She waited in the anteroom of her massage parlour, while inside as instructed mr. Shariff , after drinking the “relaxating” tea, by now should have undressed and laid down. As she counted the minutes on her watch the movie director’s rude sexist remarks echoed through her head. “Harder please, harder Sugar.” “Could you give the other leg a squeeze? No, the other leg.” “Now how about that happy ending?” Mostly followed by him groping for some body part, while laughing deviously. Time. She slipped in. Shariff laid perfectly still indeed. Serene. She put her ear to his chest, looking for a beat, when suddenly he veered upright. “Must have nodded off for a bit there. Say you don’t happen to have any sugar?”

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